Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!

Ms. Sanchez and I are so excited to be co-advising the LGBTQ+ club this year! We put together this new website to share your awesome selves with the world! Let us know what you want to see here!

I am really excited to be spreading the love for the LGBTQ+ community. I identify as queer and am married to a queer transman. I was treated poorly by a lot of people I trusted when they learned I am queer. Around the same time, Californians voted to take away my right to get married. Years later, the United States gave that right back, so I married my then-girlfriend, learned his true gender, and was along for the transition. My newfound straight privilege is a bit unnerving, and it makes it hard to tell how much things are improving socially versus how much people think I am conforming to their expectations and therefore have no interest in harassing me.

Mrs. Sanchez is a longtime ally who affirms gender diversity and promotes respectful discussions of gender and sexuality throughout her classroom.

We are so proud to join this wonderful group and will work hard to understand and support every person in our LGBTQ+ community. We are excited to form connections in our school and community to share our Spartan LGBTQ+ pride!

with love,

Ms. Haskins